Every Day Is Earth Day When You’re Vegan


Last night, on my way back to Los Angeles from a successful event at VegMichigan’s VegFest, our plane flew over the tracked flatlands of Nebraska, the massive, snow-capped Rocky Mountains, and the shifting landscape of the Grand Canyon. Quite a show.

From my window seat, I felt a heart-pang of pride in America—not only for the stunning beauty of her drastically differing terrains, but for the people who actually—ACTUALLY!—care to be her proper stewards. Fresh from having met crowds of vegan moms, dads, kids, aunts, uncles, teachers, and librarians, democrats and republicans, people of all races and ethnicities, the feeling was truly heartfelt. Sometimes I feel like no one cares at all—in other moments, I am stunned by just how much people care.

As the sun set, I snapped the picture above through my window—a tiny moon rising above the fray of so much good and evil. If we can all rise above the ruckus to be our highest selves (everything is much clearer from that angle), if we can picture our home from highest point in the sky, maybe we can bring a little more of that heaven down to earth. Happy Earth Day…every day.


One Response to “Every Day Is Earth Day When You’re Vegan”

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