Ruby Roth and Justin Bua

Roth & BUA

Ruby Roth:
Ruby Roth is an artist and author of the children’s books That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals: A Book About Vegans, Vegetarians, and All Living Things  and Vegan Is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action. Featured on NBC’s Today Show, CNN, FOX, and other major media outlets, her books are the first in children’s literature to address the emotional lives of animals, factory farming, the environment, world hunger, and endangered species in regards to the foods we eat.

Ruby grew up in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Kauai—between cities, suburbs, and organic farms.  Always interested in counter-cultures from Punk Rock and Hip Hop to labor, and civil rights movements, she attended UC Santa Cruz where she earned two BA degrees in American Studies and art. But even with a Punk-Rock sensibility, a vegetarian mom, even having spent 4 years in Santa Cruz—a vegan mecca—and even having lived with vegan housemates, it never occurred to her to go vegan herself until a raw food health experiment changed her life for the better. Ever since, she has sought out the most progressive information on health, nutrition, the emotional lives of animals, the animal agriculture industry, and the benefits of vegan and raw foods. She is proud that her eating habits finally match her values. More info at:

Justin BUA:
Groundbreaking artist Justin BUA is internationally known for his unique vision, melding urban rhythms, graffiti, and classical art training. Born in 1968 in NYC’s untamed Upper West Side and raised between Manhattan and East Flatbush, Brooklyn, BUA was fascinated by the raw, visceral street life of the city.

Like many of his peers, he was raised by a single working mother and spent most of his time on the streets of NYC, b-boying, writing graffiti, and eating cheap fast food…from KFC wings to a gallon of milk every day. But unconsciously, the seeds of veganism were being planted in his future. BUA’s mother was a radical animal-lover, bringing rescued animals into her home any chance she got even though BUA was severely allergic (as if NYC wasn’t crazy enough!). He grew up with a sense of deep compassion for animals, but it wasn’t until he reached his 30s that he made the connection between his love for animals, the political traditions of Hip-Hop, and the food he was eating. He’s been a vegan since 1995. His super-smart, super-healthy daughter, age 7, has never had meat or dairy. More info at


13 Responses to “Ruby Roth and Justin Bua”

  1. conradvisionquest Says:

    nice to meet you! can’t wait to read more…

  2. Rock The Boat Says:

    I didn’t realise Q-Bert was vegan…

  3. Libra Max Says:

    wow. cannot wait for more from we be vegan. extremely cool. thank you.

  4. Sana Riculfy Says:

    I really enjoy this website. Wewish I could come here everyday\all day.

  5. Nyree Says:

    Please keep this blog up because just the small amount I’ve seen has been the most enticing of all vegan blogs! I think young people will relate to this! I love the idea of having the faces of veganism.

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  7. Sonia Says:

    I just read an article about you on Ecorazzi. I love hip hop and being vegan and it’s great to see the connection being made between the two. Although it’s nothing new, it’s good to see more hip hop artists embracing the lifestyle and it becoming more vocal.

    Also awesome that you guys are a couple. I don’t have kids but I love(and own) your book, Miss Roth.

    You are an inspiring couple! Keep up the awesome work!

  8. Adanze Asante Says:

    Join the vegan revolution, yo!

  9. Vanessa Dopazo Says:

    Hi. I love Justin Bua as an artist and now I have much more respect knowing he is vegan. Congratulations on your blog. I just found out about it today but will be sure to keep coming back to read it. I am Cuban and other Cubans and latinos think I am crazy for not eating meat but it was one of the best choices I have made. Thank you and I look forward to more posts on your site.

  10. Mike Says:

    Saw ruby on fox today. Very articulate with good camera appeal. Im not a vegan, im 62 but certainly can see how ruby.s message could resonate if kept up.

    • Ruby Roth Says:

      Thx Mike!!! I appreciate the support and hope to return it to you—plenty to learn here on WeBeVegan. We’re happy to be in touch and answer questions.

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