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White Peach Icee

September 30, 2012

It’s still summer in L.A.. While the 90º+  heat continues, here’s a fun way to stay cool:

Blend 1 white peach with a tiny bit of water or coconut water. Pour into ice trays and let freeze before re-blending.



“Milky” Lavender Tea

February 15, 2012

Fresh lavender buds plucked from our front yard and steeped in boiling water and Rice Dream rice milk, sweetened with agave…a seriously aromatic and dreamy to start your morning.

Sugarcane Cooler

July 11, 2011

Los Cubanos call it guarapo, Los Mexicanos call it jugo de caña…it’s sugarcane juice. Blend it with a few cherry tomatoes and ice…we know this sounds like a strange pairing, but it’s incredible. And kids will go crazy for it, like it’s a 7-11 strawberry slushee. And since it’s an unrefined sugar, green, alkalizing, low-glycemic, and full of phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium in it’s raw form,  it’s all good—even if you’re a diabetic. Tip: buy the sugarcane juice fresh and freeze it into ready-to-use ice cubes for later use, or—a hint from our favorite L.A.-based Raw Cane juicers: keep the cane in the fridge for 3+ weeks with a balloon instead of a cap (so you can release the pressure buildup as needed) and you get sparkling, probiotic, sugarcane kombucha—good for the gut!

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