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How to tell kids the truth about meat without inducing a meltdown

June 5, 2013

*Tweeeeeeeeaaak!* That’s the sound of my heart wrenching in joy!

In this video-gone-viral (the original has almost 2 million hits), we get to witness the very instant a child discovers that the food on his plate was an animal. I know this scenario is one that you might often approach (avoid) with supreme reluctance, unsure whether the moment of truth will teeter toward revelation or meltdown.

Watch before continuing (it’s only 2 minutes):


Wipe off the tears!

Like I did with my elementary school students, this mom gently stated the facts—without emotion, hesitation, or sugarcoating. You’ll hear me say this over and over again: when we speak frankly to children, they pay attention because they feel like they’re being let in on a secret. And when we give them the information they need to make educated choices, they choose wisely.

Little Antonio wasn’t scared, overwhelmed, or disturbed. The truth empowered him to take action and DO something—”a beautiful thing.”

These books are here to help you find the words to share your views with a little one (copies are on their way to Antonio in Brazil now!).



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